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Bulletproof is Australia and New Zealand's leading end-to-end Cloud services provider.
4 11, 2016

Bulletproof teams up for Movember

This month is Movember and we're proud to be helping the Movember foundation as both a technology partner and through our Movember team. Bulletproof has been a long partner with Movember and late last year we undertook a project with the foundation to increase performance of hosting their donation platform. After reviewing the existing architecture and application we concluded the best approach was to utilise AWS and perform a partial transformation. A few months later in April we went live with the environment on AWS. Through technologies such as cloudformation and autoscaling, we have helped Movember be more responsive, agile and ultimately increase cost effectiveness, without affecting performance of the donation platform which of course means more money where it matters most, research into men’s health. Support

22 08, 2016

Bulletproof renews three-year contract with mortgage insurance company

Bulletproof Group Limited (ASX:BPF), a leading technology infrastructure services provider in Australia/New Zealand, has entered into a three-year contract renewal with Genworth Mortgage Insurance Australia Limited (ASX:GMA) to supply and support Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to the lenders mortgage insurer.

25 07, 2016

Kickstarting your AWS cost optimisation wins today

Research has shown that the longer you use AWS, the greater the potential benefits. For instance, after three years using AWS, customers can expect to realise $3.50 in benefits for every $1 spent. This figure rises to $8.40 for every $1 after five years using AWS. What these cost savings tell us is that the longer your business and your teams are using AWS, the savvier they get at cost optimisation.

20 07, 2016

TCO – Not just money in the bank

There are a host of strategic benefits to engaging in Cloud cost optimisation conversations. While the primary goal will be to eliminate unnecessary Cloud expenditure and optimise performance, there are strategic wins that can come out of the exercise too.

12 07, 2016

How to stick to your budget with on-going Cloud optimisation

Lowering costs is one the major reason businesses migrate to the Cloud. While it’s true that Cloud can be cheaper than on-premises data centres, it's not always a given. Simply picking up your workloads and shifting them to AWS might generate initial cost savings. However without ongoing cost optimisation tweaks, the long-term Cloud vs On-Premises cost savings can end up much of a muchness. There's further long-term cost savings that Cloud can provide, but it requires further analysis and reporting.

1 07, 2016

Marcus Evans CIO Summit

Marcus Evans CIO Summit Bulletproof are proud to sponsor the annual Marcus Evans CIO Summit this year. The Marcus Evans summit format is the ideal method for uniting decision makers and solution providers. The world’s foremost strategists, thought leaders and trend setters deliver visionary keynote presentations, real-life case studies and interactive sessions. A sophisticated web-based scheduling system enables delegates and providers to select one-on-one business meetings that fit their current priorities and preferences. With numerous networking opportunities, participants discuss their business objectives face to face in a relaxed atmosphere.   What you will gain from attending this event: A numbers of  keynotes, panel discussions, collaborative think-tanks and 1-1 meetings. Key topics for 2016 include: Delivering Digital – Re-architecting models to digitally enable the organisation’s assets for an ever faster, easier, higher-quality

30 06, 2016

Bulletproof’s AWS Summit Auckland 2016 Recap

Following the great turn-out in Auckland for the 2016 AWS Summit, let's take a quick recap of the big news, presentations and announcements and look at our presentation with Xero.

4 05, 2016

Rapid Analytics with Redshift & Looker

Continuing our AWS Innovations series, in this blog we’ll review Amazon’s cloud-based Data Warehousing service (Redshift) at a high level and how it combines with the Looker analytics platform to drive a democracy and culture of data in an organisation.

4 05, 2016

Using technology and partners to be an agile retailer

The notion of Retail Agility is underpinned by the idea of four pillars, working in concert, that help the idea of agility take hold and flourish. We've previously examined how culture and the journey play their part. Now let's examine the final two pillars: technology and your partnerships.

29 04, 2016

Security and AWS: Strategies and services to protect your environment

Realising the many benefits that Cloud can bring - such as operational efficiencies, commercial savings, increased flexibility and speed to market - requires you to maximise your use of Cloud services and not simply treating Cloud as another source of raw compute and storage.