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About Sam Mason

With extensive experience in data science, analysis and software engineering, Sam is a Data Scientist with Bulletproof. With expertise in helping organisations deliver real-time scalable analytics and data strategy, Sam is passionate about working with organisations to uncover the real insights hidden in their data and turning them into actionable business opportunities.
12 12, 2016

Microsoft Azure Analytics & Machine Learning

For every day that passes, more devices come online, more applications are deployed and more data sources are spun up. There has never been a time in our history when data is so freely available, so widely used, so varied, so fast and so damn big.

22 06, 2016

What is Data Science?

Collecting and analysing data isn't anything new so why do we suddenly have a whole new field and what is it all about anyway? We examine all things data and demystify Data Science once and for all.

9 06, 2016

Big Data: Eliminating risk or a new headache?

There’s a tendency for CIOs to see everything as risk and central to their role is the need to mitigate risk. However, there is an exciting opportunity to step outside of this bubble. A chance to realise significant business value, with the CIO as the owner and champion of the initiative. What we're talking about here is implementing Data Science strategies.

7 04, 2016

Real-time Data Capture with Snowplow Analytics: Handling volume & velocity at scale

A look into the Snowplow Analytics platform at a high level, where we discuss some of its features and explore some of the more popular use cases being used today to solve real-world business problems. We'll also examine why real-time data capture and analytics is becoming a “must-have” for modern data driven businesses.