What customers have to say about Bulletproof

We’re proud to share some of the feedback that we’ve received from customers over the years.


The first question we ask when choosing to work with another company is ‘whose side are they on?’ We only want to work with people who are willing to share our goals and responsibilities with us, something Bulletproof has continued to do to 110 percent of their potential. The best part about working with the solid team at Bulletproof was receiving an email about an error, only to receive another in the next few minutes telling us not to worry, it had been resolved. In the simplest terms, they’re essential to our team and they’ll continue to be.
Fred Schebesta, Director and Co-founder

Universal Music Australia

As our AWS managed services end-to-end partner, Bulletproof are flexible, knowledgeable and take a keen interest in understanding our business needs. We love dealing with them!
Universal Music Australia

Quiksilver Logo

The standout is Bulletproof’s proactive support. It is exceptional, not just across the hosting platform itself, but also in the way they’re willing to collaborate with our developers and business to ensure maximum performance, meet business requirements to quickly scale the environment, whilst following best practice methods

Our work with Bulletproof involved delivering a relatively complex solution using multiple vendors. We found Bulletproof to be collaborative and supportive to work with, and together we were able to accomplish our goals.

Flexischools Logo

Bulletproof has provided the most pro-active and intelligent technical support I’ve seen in the industry.

From the first planning discussions through to implementation and testing, Bulletproof’s expertise and ongoing assistance has been invaluable for our migration to an AWS auto-scale environment.

Christopher Simon, Chief Technology Officer


The Movember Foundation have been working with Bulletproof since 2007 and over the last few years the technical direction has been to move away from a physical/hybrid environment, working towards a cloud solution to provide the versatility required for seasonal traffic and transactions. On the journey, it began with basic hand crafted servers, then automated server creation/configuration and moving towards a dynamic AWS environment.

As part of the move into the cloud, AWS components and services have been harnessed to replace existing infrastructure and processes. Bulletproof have been able to provide the DevOps expertise to guide us to the appropriate technical solution. We’ve worked collaboratively using tools like Atlassian’s JIRA to manage project backlogs/sprints and track burn-down. Together, this has combined to help us fully use the AWS cloud.

The Movember Foundation

Since we have started working with Bulletproof, we have had nothing but wonderful experiences with you and your very patient, knowledgeable and professional colleagues. Whether it was keeping us updated during the AWS AZ outage in June (seeing our servers still online!), or helping me fully implement a HTTPS site (we have an A+ Qualys SSL Labs rating!), it has been great to have the wonderful team at Bulletproof to support us during our journey.
My House Geek

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We approached Bulletproof to host our web environment in AWS with the requirement of having an automated solution that would assist us with our deployments, while also being capable of autoscaling to meet our traffic demands. Bulletproof designed a solution built with CloudFormation for the orchestration of our infrastructure, such as RDS, Elasticache and S3 buckets. Bulletproof’s solution also allows our developers to easily deploy code, run tests and have rolling updates. Bulletproof has enabled Nova to enjoy quick and simple deployments, helping us lay the foundations for DevOps culture in our organisation.
Nova Entertainment

The Treasury Logo

Having been previously disappointed by service and availability levels from one of Australia’s largest hosting providers’ virtualized offerings, it was refreshing to find that Bulletproof’s mission critical hosting offering has now consistently delivered everything we require in terms of a mission critical hosting platform, not to mention the service levels from the Bulletproof NOC being far above other Tier 1 providers.
Taxation Institute of Australia

Australia Olympic Commitee

Bulletproof Networks came highly recommended to the AOC and were able to provide significant savings, improved scalable configurations and backup redundancies. The service from Bulletproof has been first class, making the transition of our sites smooth and stress free
Australian Olympic Committee

Network Ten Logo

Bulletproof is our trusted Cloud expert. We can rely on them to proactively support and manage our digital environments, so we can focus on the viewer experience.

Bulletproof is vital to the success of our Sitecore deployment and digital strategy. We regularly run high demand campaigns and rely on the proactive support and robust Cloud architecture provided by Bulletproof. They always go above and beyond. They are not just a hosting supplier, they are a Cloud partner.

Domenic Romeo, Head of Development


From day one, Bulletproof have impressed us with their system and network performance. In the past year we’ve leant on Bulletproof for data recovery and to help protect our high-visibility site from attack, and they impressed us still further.

Bluescope Steel

Bulletproof is a set and forget partner. They provide a fully transparent service that many organisations strive to achieve but very few accomplish.
Bluescope Steel

Moshtix Logo

Bulletproof did a great job in architecting a solution that was very cost effective and met our requirements.

We looked at a number of providers but Bulletproof had the greatest reputation in the market and the ability to meet the requirements of support we needed. The cloud solution we put together with Bulletproof and Amazon is significantly more cost effective than the traditional hosting options that we looked at.

Lachlan Yates, Development Manager

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