Managed AWS (Amazon Web Services)

AWS Premier LogoBulletproof Managed Amazon Web Services (AWS) adds best-practice architecture, deep monitoring, proactive management and world class support to your AWS environment. We combine the rich functionality of Amazon Web Services’ with Bulletproof’s experience and track record in Mission Critical Cloud.

Managed AWS Specialists

Bulletproof has delivered Mission Critical Cloud to Australia’s largest companies for over a decade. Our experience hosting leading campaigns, websites and applications underpins our design of this service:-

  • Configuration to AWS Best-Practice, including High Availability across zones or regions
  • Deployment from Bulletproof’s security hardened templates
  • Customised deep monitoring, alerting and reporting for hosts & services
  • Best-of-breed proactive host management
  • 24/7/365 proactive application and database management

High Availability Architecture

Bulletproof deploys customers into two geographically separate Availability Zones (data centres) based on AWS Best Practice architecture. Our Managed AWS Solution Topology shows a typical deployment.

Flexible Service Levels

Our Managed AWS is available with “On Demand” as well as Enterprise service levels. In either case there are no long-term contracts and you’re free to end the agreement at any time.

Managed AWS for Magento

For Online Retailers we offer Managed AWS for Magento, a high-availability solution for the leading e-commerce platform based on AWS best practice architecture.

Managed AWS for Sitecore

We offer Managed AWS for Sitecore, a high-availability, performance and secure solution for the leading customer experience management platform based on AWS best practice architecture.

Free Trial Available

A free trial of Managed AWS is available upon request. Please contact us via our online form, or call us on 1300 663 903 to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly consultants.