Bulletproof Support™ for AWS Overview

As the first A/NZ Amazon Web Services Premier Consulting Partner and an AWS Managed Service Partner, Bulletproof has the expertise and resources to assist companies in all aspects of cloud services.

Bulletproof Support™ offers the highest levels of cloud operations and support expertise plus service excellence over and above standard AWS Business and Enterprise Support.  Bulletproof Support™ is well known for operating, supporting and managing the most demanding mission critical environments, ensuring customers enjoy uninterrupted uptime across their entire cloud deployment from infrastructure to applications.

Using Bulletproof Support™ you can:

  • Minimize the cost and overhead of managing your cloud infrastructure so you can better focus on new projects
  • Ensure that your cloud infrastructure remains cost-effective over time
  • Leverage the latest technology, products, and configuration options leveraging Bulletproof certified expertise
  • Increase your agility and work to even faster cycles while Bulletproof engineers provide mission critical cloud support
  • Gain real time insight into cloud performance and critical events in your overall cloud deployment across all locations and instances, regardless of the platform, system and application
  • More easily manage internal cross-charges and budget allocations within larger organisations

When you first engage with Bulletproof, certified engineers will discuss your business requirements and cloud services goals with you and analyse your existing infrastructure.  Based on their analysis, experience, and if required advice from a Senior Solution Architect at AWS, they will make recommendations for your:

  • Cloud migration and transformation strategy
  • Application automation and autoscaling strategy
  • Environment configuration and provisioning plan
  • Cloud services engagement strategy, which may include one of the packages described below

Bulletproof Support™ OnCall

Bulletproof Support OnCall is a flexible pay-as-you-go approach where you can pay “per call” to Bulletproof Support. This option is designed for organisations with in-house support teams that may only occasionally need additional assistance with issues or changes. In this arrangement, Bulletproof Support can serve as an extension of your internal teams on an ad-hoc basis helping with emergency troubleshooting, resolution and support as well as maintenance, upgrades or changes. Many customers also use Bulletproof Support OnCall as an extension of their own support function over a period of weeks during major system upgrades or application deployments.

  • Ad hoc extension of your internal IT team for cloud infrastructure
  • 24/7 availability of technical support for your general queries and/or emergency troubleshooting
  • Responsive assistance for critical issues within 15 minutes of request
  • Pay as you go support from Bulletproof experts with no contracts or ongoing costs

Bulletproof Support™ Dedicated

Our most popular offering, Bulletproof Support Dedicated is our monthly service plan for organisations of all sizes who want a dedicated partner to provide 24/7 proactive support, management and monitoring of their AWS environment.  Bulletproof experts providing non-stop supervision and communication of any technical issues that may arise, ensuring you are informed and aware of any events affecting your business.  In addition, Bulletproof engineers proactively troubleshoot, resolve and escalate issues ensuring your environment stays online and available 24/7 at 99.95% claimable SLA uptime (cloud infrastructure – HA only), relieving pressure off your internal technical teams and resources.

  • Full management of your AWS environment
  • 24/7 proactive monitoring, management and alerting. Bulletproof will proactively manage and monitor and support your AWS environment. For 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • 24/7 Issue Resolution.  When technical issues occur, our engineers engage immediately to triage, analyse and address issues, eliminating the need for you to staff technical teams around the clock, across multiple time zones
  • Month-to-month arrangement with no lock-in long term contracts

Bulletproof Support™ Premium

Bulletproof Support Premium is our monthly service plan for organisations with highly mission critical environments where any interruptions of service have a significant impact on their business.  Bulletproof Support Premium provides a 100% service level agreement (SLA) with many strategic benefits such as a team dedicated to the customer and their environment, retaining important knowledge and standards, plus Bulletproof executive sponsorship and advice to pro-actively support a customer’s cloud strategy and growth objectives.

  • Premium management of your AWS mission-critical environments
  • Named task team of Bulletproof AWS experts assigned to your organisation
  • Monthly strategic review & optimisation of your environments including cost optimisation, project management, and activity reviews

Bulletproof & AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leader in the cloud, providing a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform to more than 1 million active customers, thousands of businesses and 190 countries across the world.

Regardless of their size or industry, organisations benefit when using Bulletproof to take advantage of AWS and the capabilities of the cloud.

Bulletproof’s end-to-end Cloud services enable organisations to:

  • Consult with Bulletproof to design the best AWS strategy & solution for your organisation
  • Deliver effective migrations and deployments to AWS, utilising a range of AWS services with Bulletproof expertise
  • Support your operations proactively (24x7x365) using Bulletproof Support™ for AWS
  • Adhere to AWS best practice to ensure high availability, performance, security and scalability

In 2013 Bulletproof became the first AWS Premier Consulting Partner in A/NZ. Bulletproof is also an AWS Managed Service Partner (MSP) and an Authorised Government Reseller.

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