Bulletproof AWS Billing & Reporting

Overcoming the challenge that every AWS customer faces

AWS can help unleash a whole range of innovations that can help to transform businesses. From the ability to scale with demand, through to increased flexibility, reliability, security and cost effectiveness, AWS has become an essential piece of flexible infrastructure that supports many different customer needs.

Yet for all the flexibility, agility and cost savings it provides, the utility based billing and consumption model of AWS challenges traditional budgeting, reporting, governance and cost allocation processes.

Furthermore the flexible and ever evolving nature of the AWS platform means ongoing cost optimisation is needed to deliver the best value to your business.

Access improved AWS billing and reporting with Bulletproof

Bulletproof is pleased to announce that Bulletproof supported AWS customers will now gain access to improved billing and operational intelligence.

Bulletproof’s enhanced billing capabilities, powered by CloudHealth Technologies, offers our customers access to improved billing reports, cost summaries and cost centre figures. This gives our customers a range of new insights into how their business is using cloud resources.

Month to Date Cost-1712cloudhealthgraph-1712
Images: Sample dashboard for Bulletproof Support™ customers providing projected monthly cost across groups and services (L) and Usage report by groups and months (R)

The benefits include:

    • The ability to identify how different teams utilise resources
    • Assigning costs to different internal cost centres
    • Identifying usage trends and setting alerts
    • Projecting costs based on current usage and trends
    • Utilise tagging to make best practice use of AWS and maximise the benefit of our improved AWS billing and reporting
    • Gives our team increased visibility, allowing us to provide customers with optimisation recommendations
    • Reserved Instance recommendations (Bulletproof Support™ Premium customers only)
    • The ability to setup customised reports (Bulletproof Support™ Premium customers only)
    • The ability to proactively assign a budget to a particular department, environment or project (Bulletproof Support™ Premium customers only)

These are all capabilities at your fingertips for Bulletproof Support™ for AWS customers.

This improved reporting for Bulletproof Support™ for AWS customers is another example of how Bulletproof, as a Managed Service Provider, continues to deliver additional value to our customers.

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