Microsoft License Mobility

What is License Mobility?

Microsoft have recognised that customers are looking to leverage their existing licensing investments, while still be able to take advantage of the benefits of the Cloud. In 2011, Microsoft announced that they will extend rights to allow customers to move some Windows applications to service providers such as Bulletproof, through an initiative known as ‘Microsoft License Mobility’.

Microsoft License Mobility is a process that allows Bulletproof customers with Enterprise Agreements [EAs] (or licenses with Software Assurance attached to them), to move their Microsoft license (for particular applications) off their own infrastructure and onto a private and public cloud provider. License Mobility allows you to ensure your organisation is in compliance with your allocated number of licenses.

License Mobility through Software Assurance lets you deploy certain server application licenses on-premises or in the cloud in a shared hardware environment with the ability to assign your existing licenses to an authorised Service Provider like Bulletproof.

Applications covered through License Mobility for the Cloud:

  • SQL Server
  • Exchange Server
  • Lync
  • SharePoint Server
  • Dynamics CRM
  • System Centre Servers

Licenses not covered through License Mobility for the Cloud:

  • Windows Server
  • Terminal Services/Remote Desktop Client

What are the benefits of Microsoft License Mobility for customers?

The main outcome of License Mobility is that it gives customers choice and flexibility.

Customers are able to make a deployment choice between on-premises and any authorised Service Providers’ shared datacentre to help lower cloud infrastructure costs by letting Bulletproof use your existing licenses.

There are a number of benefits to License Mobility for customers including cost effectiveness and improving manageability. License Mobility allows customers to take advantage of existing licensing investments when deploying to the cloud and helps customers to leverage existing Microsoft License agreements to run in the Cloud.

How do I use License Mobility

An important first step to having License Mobility is having Software Assurance. This allows you to move licenses with Bulletproof.

Click here for more on License Mobility through Software Assurance.

To begin the License Mobility process with Bulletproof please contact your Account Manager.

Who gets to use these benefits?

Customers with active Software Assurance coverage on products (including Enterprise Agreements)—like Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange that are identified as eligible for License Mobility within Server Farms in the Microsoft Product Use Rights (PUR) document — will be able to take advantage of License Mobility to assign instances of their licenses to Bulletproof.

How does the customer use these benefits?

You can work with Bulletproof to take advantage of License Mobility. Bulletproof are an approved Microsoft Mobility Partner, allowing us to accept your assigned licenses and deploy them as appropriate to your chosen cloud infrastructure solution.

Once you have partnered with Bulletproof, you simply need to document your license agreement by completing the License Mobility form.

What if I cannot access License Mobility?

Bulletproof also have an active Microsoft SPLA (Service Provider Licensing Agreement) in place, meaning you can access simple monthly licensing options for many of these services or applications in the event that you are unable to use License Mobility.

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