VMware private and public Cloud delivery and implementation services

Hands-on technical deployment and implementation to free your internal teams and let you focus on your objectives.

Our technical VMware engineers are available to help you migrate, build and deploy your dedicated VMware environment, we can also offer private Cloud options. Free your internal development and technical teams to work on building applications, customisation and configurations, while we take care of the set-up, build, patching, upgrades and maintenance.

VMware delivery services we provide:


Once initial consultation has been completed, we will work with your technical teams to define your build and deployment strategy – taking in all considerations and feedback derived from any Proof-of-Concept (PoC) or prototyping projects completed.


Bulletproof’s technical engineers will then work with your internal technical teams to build and implement your specific VMware environment. Setup, integration points, configurations, optimisations, security and customisations will be built during this phase.

Database Clustering

Bulletproof’s Database Clustering services for Microsoft SQL and MySQL power some of Australia’s largest mission critical campaigns, applications and websites. Using our Professional Services experience with applications, storage and infrastructure we ensure smooth integration with application and database. This delivers vastly superior results:

  • Improved database performance
  • Increased robustness and availability
  • Seamless scalability
  • Reduced database server load

Managed Virtual SAN

Bulletproof’s Managed Virtual SAN service delivers high performance, highly available and smoothly scalable shared storage for complex clustered database environments efficiently and cost-effectively. Managed VSAN delivers:

  • High performance shared database storage
  • Reduced database server load
  • Seamlessly scalable database storage

Managed Virtual NAS

Bulletproof’s Managed Virtual NAS delivers high performance, highly available shared file storage for application server tiers in complex Linux or Windows clustered environments that require access to a shared file storage system. Managed VNAS delivers:

  • High performance file serving
  • Highly available shared file storage
  • Seamlessly scalable file storage capacity

Reverse Proxies

Bulletproof has pioneered the use of Reverse Proxies through extensive experience with mission critical online campaigns, including Movember.com and the Australian Olympic Committee. Bulletproof uses its unique experience with applications and infrastructure to ensure smooth integration with application and database  functions, delivering vastly superior content delivery performance. Reverse Proxies deliver:

  • Increased web request performance
  • Reduced application server load
  • Globally targeted content distribution
  • Increased farm traffic throughput capacity


Our teams will then test your VMware environment against use cases to ensure it functions as specified during initial consultation and defining phases.


Once your teams is satisfied, your VMware environment will be deployed to your live production environment on the scheduled go-live date.

Please contact us via our online form, or call us on 1300 663 903 to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly consultants.