Cloud Scalability

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Scalable Cloud Environments

Scalable and elastic Cloud environments designed to withstand seasonal or spiky user demand and site traffic.

Organisations with seasonal, unpredictable or spiky user demand or site traffic, rely on Bulletproof to help design a scalable environment capable of managing peak and off-peak traffic – ensuring uptime, performance and the ultimate user experience:

Examples of our experience:

  • – official Australian website, clients from 2012. with Over 2.85m unique visitors
  • – more than 1,000,000 members, collecting more than A$140 Million
  • – delivering 100% availability and performance on budget night since 2012
  • – ability to cater and maintain uptime when Network Ten experienced over 300% more page views during the Commonwealth games period.


We will work with your teams to review your current environment and future business objectives to help design and map for current and future usage requirements.

Usage pattern assessment

We will sit with your teams to understand your current usage patterns and future usage predictions  to determine the best solution for your requirements.

Due diligence of workloads

Our Professional services team will conduct an audit of your current workload capabilities to understand and identify areas were we can optimise and tune for scalability.


We can deliver scalability across our VMware, AWS and Hybrid private and public Cloud solutions, providing the best experience possible for your users.

Application configuration for Scalability

Our technical teams can assist with re-architecting or implementing services to enable application scalability.

Best Practice Scalability deployment

All Bulletproof solutions: VMware, AWS or hybrid are designed and deployed to Cloud best practice standards for scalability.

Implementation of Auto-Scaling

Auto-scaling will be implemented on your environment to scale compute capacity up or down, according to pre-defined rules and conditions. It can launch and terminate instances without manual intervention. Using this process, your environment will increase seamlessly in high traffic periods such as when your marketing team is running a busy marketing campaign. It will automatically decrease the required capacity again afterwards, ultimately ensuring there is no spend wastage.


Proactive 24/7 Monitoring, management and Support – Managed Services

We provide flexible Managed Service levels to suit your requirements. Our teams will pro-actively monitor, manage, troubleshoot and resolve any issues – so your internal teams can focus on business and project objectives.

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