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DevOps & Agile Enablement

Deliver applications and features earlier and more often through a sophisticated DevOps and Agile strategy.

Bulletproof’s dedicated consultants can enable you to bring your DevOps & Agile strategy to life. We help you progress along your DevOps and Agile journey, whether you are interested in a DevOps & Agile Maturity assessment to start or want to go directly into Agile coaching with your development and operations teams.

We can help you take advantage of Cloud technology including delivery pipeline, testing and infrastructure automation. Enabling you to efficiently deliver applications and features to the market more frequently, while minimising risk.

Why DevOps & Agile?

DevOps Self-Assessment

We appreciate that implementing a successful DevOps and Agile culture is an ongoing process. At Bulletproof, our services and solutions help you to:

  • Stay ahead of your competition and roll out high quality products with consistency
  • Use your DevOps and Agile culture to facilitate strategy, product, service and process innovation
  • Enhance collaboration and transparency between development and operations teams
  • Gain clarity and align your team to common goals, eliminate confusion and ensure visibility

How can Bulletproof enable your DevOps & Agile culture?

How to get started?

Click here to download your free copy of our DevOps Self-Assessment Tool.

This tool helps you measure your current state versus where you want to be. The results will pinpoint key DevOps considerations for your organisation and guide further discussions for your organisation.

DevOps Roadmap

DevOps & Agile Assessment and Strategic Roadmap

A comprehensive review of your current systems, processes and staff leading to a strategic DevOps and Agile roadmap – with milestones and a clear path to enhancing your maturity.

Adopting Agile Development Practices

Our consultants can help lay the foundations so that you can create functional, working software early and often – bringing your innovative ideas to life quicker and allowing for faster feedback.

Refine Continuous Integration with Automated Testing

Deliver faster and with confidence by reducing deployment risk through automation of the delivery pipeline including software testing and additional quality gates.

This will ensure your high quality software meets deadlines, again and again.

Embed Continuous Deployment and DevOps Culture

Entrench DevOps best practices, by ensuring every change to software and infrastructure moves through the entire delivery pipeline. This will reduce risk, and maintain customer experience even when deploying changes continuously.

Bulletproof will also provide ongoing support and consulting so that we can continually fine-tune and improve your DevOps and Agile capabilities over time.

How have UBank doubled productivity using Agile?

Click here to read about UBank’s Agile journey.

Click here to download your free copy of the DevOps Self-Assessment Tool.

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