Hybrid Cloud

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Hybrid Cloud

Transition into the Cloud through our tailored well-architected and well-optimised Hybrid solution

With over 17+ years of experience in designing, delivering and supporting dedicated servers, public and private Cloud – we can help you architect, plan and deploy the best hybrid solution for your requirement.

What we can do for you:


Bulletproof’s Professional Services team will work with your teams to analyse your current workloads and business requirements. We will assess the suitability of hybrid to design the best custom solution for your requirements.

Hybrid is typically better suited to organisations with:

Compliance and Regulation requirements

Organisations who are obligated to comply with regulatory requirements, but want to benefit from the high availability, security, performance and scalability of the Cloud, choose a hybrid Cloud solution. Back-end data such as user and customer data is stored in a secure dedicated private environment, while the front-end application benefits from the Cloud – providing outstanding user experience that meets compliance and regulatory requirements.

Application readiness for Cloud

For organisations with applications not fully Cloud ready — i.e. the architecture doesn’t support load balancing, high availability, scalability — Bulletproof can help you design a hybrid solution to help overcome some of the priority limitations, letting you transition into the Cloud quickly.

Enabling transition into the Cloud

For organisations with big or complex workloads, our consultants can help you prioritise and design a rollout strategy best suited to your organisation. We will work with your teams to build the hybrid Cloud solution that provides maximum efficiency and effectiveness, while reducing business disruption. Considerations including security, performance, integration points and access will be considered.


Bulletproof has over 16 years of hands-on experience working with dedicated hosting, public and private Cloud environments. Our certified VMware and AWS engineers  are ready to help you deliver your hybrid Cloud solution every step of the project.

Seamless low latency connectivity between AWS and VMware

Bulletproof has an exclusive set up of multiple active and redundant 10G links between AWS and VMware, from different facilities. This in turn provides seamless user experience across your hybrid Cloud solution – solving the latency issue that other hybrid providers have.

Integration assistance to 

Lean on our experience in delivering hybrid Cloud to manage integrations and reduce risk. Integrating different environments and data points can be complex in a hybrid Cloud environment, however we have the years of experience to help ensure the process goes smoothly.


Continuous 24/7 proactive support and monitoring of your hybrid Cloud environment, so your technical teams can focus on industry specific, core business activities.

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