Performance Optimisation for the ultimate user experience.

Trust Bulletproof to design and deploy the best high performing Cloud environment for your requirements – when major latency is not an option.

Performance is about ‘how fast you can complete tasks’. At Bulletproof, we provide services to help you optimise the performance of your environment, all the way through the technology stack – from the infrastructure, platform, database, application and connectivity between the layers.

  • Optimise your environment to reduce load-times and latency.
  • Maximise user experience to remove frustration, and retain customers and users.
  • Optimise performance to reduce capacity demand and scalability requirements – saving money and time.


We will work with your teams to review your current environment to identify areas for performance improvement.

Performance audit

Through the use of benchmarking and performance auditing tools such as New Relic,  our teams will provide a comprehensive review of your environment drilling down to every layer of your environment, from the infrastructure to the application to identify performance bottlenecks.

Performance optimisation recommendations

Our Professional services team will then provide performance optimisation recommendations based on your environment, application and workload type.


Our teams can work with your technical teams to deliver optimised performance through out your environment. We can implement performance turning, as well as advise on development best practices.

Application configuration for Performance

Our technical teams can assist with re-architecting or implementing services to enable application performance optimisation.

Best Practice Performance deployment

All Bulletproof deployments are built with performance optimisation in mind, load balancing, caching methodologies, integration and other performance enhancing best practices are considered throughout the process.


Proactive 24/7 Monitoring, management and Support – Managed Services

We provide flexible Managed Service levels to suit your requirements. Our teams will pro-actively monitor, manage, troubleshoot and resolve any issues – so your internal teams can focus on business and project objectives.

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