Cloud hosting designed for high availability and 100% uptime

Trust Bulletproof to help you stay online and available, when being offline is not an option.

Bulletproof specialises in designing, delivering and supporting mission critical environments. We’ve supported some of the world’s most mission critical environments for more than 16 years. From major televised event websites, charity campaigns, government websites, to sporting events, retail stores, business critical back-office operations and more. So we understand what it takes to be 100% online and available.


Bulletproof’s Professional Services Division will work with your teams to review your current environment from hosting, the application and processes to understand limitations and potential points of failure. Areas we can assist with include:

Cost of downtime assessment

We understand that there will be key areas of your environment that need to be available and online 100% and others areas which are less mission critical. We’ll work with your team to understand the cost of downtime to your business. We’ll assess, prioritise and design the right solution, so you have a well cost optimised solution for your business.

Application High Availability (HA) readiness assessment

Not all applications are HA compatible out-of-the-box. Limitations may include licensing costs, ability to support load balancing and real-time data synchronisation issues. Our consultants will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your application to understand its Cloud readiness and offer the best HA solution for you.


We can deliver High Availability (HA) across our VMware, AWS and Hybrid solutions, removing single points for failure for a fault resistant environment.

Resilient active – active node configurations for HA

For maximise redundancy we can set up Active-Active node configurations across two geographically separate sites. Traffic from the failed environment will automatically be diverted to the secondary environment, so no downtime is experienced.

Application configuration for HA

Our technical teams can customise and configure set ups to manage application limitations to ensure your environment is HA compliant.

Best Practice HA deployment

Bulletproof recommends HA solutions for production environments: VMware, AWS or hybrid solutions can be designed and deployed to best practice standards to ensure 100% uptime and high availability.

Implementation of Auto-healing /Self-healing

We can implement and deploy Self-healing or Auto-healing on your environment, so errors are detected automatically without the need for human involvement. Auto healing makes IT servicing and maintenance cost-effective and reduces service downtime.


99.995%, 99.95% and 100% SLA for HA production environments

Bulletproof provides 99.995, 99.95% and 100% Claimable uptime SLA’s on HA production environments, depending our the service level and solution deployed for you. For more information on our claimable uptime SLA, please contact us.

Proactive 24/7 Monitoring, management and Support – Managed Services

We provide flexible Managed Service levels to suit your requirements. Our teams will pro-actively monitor, manage, troubleshoot and resolve any issues – so your internal teams can focus on business and project objectives.

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