TCO Analysis for AWS

TCO Analysis for AWS 2017-04-07T06:19:55+00:00

Are you getting the most out of your AWS environment?

Bulletproof’s AWS certified cloud consultants will conduct an in-depth analysis of your AWS environment and compare it against best practice standards for usage, sizing and cost.

  • Gain optimisation recommendations to:
  • Assist with making informed decisions
  • Define cost-optimisation strategies
  • Uncover AWS enhancement opportunities
  • Understand environment gaps and risks
  • Get more out of your AWS investment

Bulletproof AWS Health Check Package


Key areas reviewed could include:

  • Overall AWS deployment – VPC, Route 53, EC2, EBS, RDS, ELB
  • Size and cost of all existing AWS instances over an extended period
  • Multi-AZ High Availability best practice configuration
  • Average utilization and time active per instance

Recommendations could include:

  • “Right-sizing” analysis to balance usage and cost
  • Tagging for tracking and future cost aggregation
  • High availability configuration
  • Elasticity configuration
  • Auto-scaling configuration
  • Scheduling and scripting resources
  • Use of On-Demand vs. Amazon EC2 Spot instances
  • Use of Reserved Instances (RI)

What you will receive:

Bulletproof Health Check Assessment report with recommendations specific to your business goals and cloud environment(s), including a current investment summary of your AWS environments and cost reduction options. Please note that the depth of recommendations provided is dependent on the amount of AWS data available.