AWS re:Invent 2017 Day 2 Keynote Recap

/AWS re:Invent 2017 Day 2 Keynote Recap

Yesterday’s keynote was pretty awesome and todays keynote by Werner Vogels (CTO AWS) did not disappoint.

While Werner didn’t announce as many products as Andy, the content for the keynote was fantastic. Werner focused on the Well Architected Framework and the 5 pillars; Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency and Cost Optimisation. He intertwined his content with some very cool customer stories.

Let’s take a look at todays announcements.

Alexa for Business

AWS and Amazon released the Alexa Echo just over 2 years ago now. While we haven’t seen a strong uptake in Australia yet (this might change now that it’s officially coming to Australia and New Zealand in early 2018), it has certainly been a lot of fun to use it at home and while it’s not fully integrated into our lives, hopefully that will change over the coming years as houses are built with more integration in mind and I actually finally get reliable Internet. NBN anyone?

Alexa for Business takes the great things about Alexa and applies them to the business or enterprise environment. Imagine walking into a conference room and asking the room to “Alexa; setup for widget team meeting”; and it immediately knew to dim the lights, close the blinds and dial the video conferencing software straight into the correct meeting ID.

Or how about when you’ve booked the board room for a meeting, but well, the board is still in there when your meeting is due to start. You aren’t about to walk in, you look around and all the rooms appear full. Don’t worry, help is at hand. Just ask Alexa “Alexa; find the next available room for 5 people with a whiteboard”. Easy!

You can enrol users and apply access control to what actions users can perform. You can build your own skills or use skills developed by your software vendors for integration with your existing tool sets.

The potential is enormous.

AWS Cloud9


It was a little over a year ago that AWS bought Cloud9. A San Francisco based startup building a ‘Cloud’ IDE that you can use from your browser.

AWS Cloud9 is now a first class citizen and available in the AWS Console. Even better Cloud9 already supports many languages such as JavaScript, PHP, Python, Go and many more.

Cloud9 integrates with an EC2 instance or your own Linux machine via SSH. It has a built in terminal to compile code or version control management.

The coolest features of Cloud9 have to be the integration with Lambda and CodeStar. This allows you to debug your Lambda functions and then deploy them. This is a very cool feature. For anyone who’s tried to debug Lambda functions before, it can sometimes be tricky.

You also get built-in chat. But really the beauty here is the collaborative editing. You can share your environment with another person, who can help you debug or implement a feature.

Finally you can theme it, choose VIM, Emacs or Sublime keybindings and you can even edit images.


Serverless Updates

We saw a handful of updates to Lambda and API Gateway.

API Gateway VPC Integration, Lambda Concurrency controls, increased memory capacity of Lambda functions to 3GB and added 2 new support languages. Go and .NET Core 2 (pre-announcement).

Serverless Application Repository

In preview now, is AWS Serverless Application Repository. This is basically like a market place for Serverless applications. These are bundled SAM templates ready to deploy and can be anything from sample code, to fully fledge applications and things in between like small batch jobs or helpers.


All in all, not a lot of announcements by Werner, but he didn’t disappoint with the content of the Keynote or the quality of the announcements.

Until next year…

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