AWS re:Invent 2018 – Wednesday Keynote – Andy Jassy

/AWS re:Invent 2018 – Wednesday Keynote – Andy Jassy

Andy Jassy
Early this morning was the keynote from Andy Jassy kicking off another fantastic set of announcements from AWS. As usual, they have not disappointed. Two general themes were highlighted throughout the keynote. The first is Enterprise with services such as Amazon FSx for Windows File Server and the second being Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with the announcement of DeepRacer, which looks to be a very fun way to learn.

First off a couple of announcements made since our last post which may be of interest to many.

Amazon CloudWatch Logs Insights – Fast, Interactive Log Analytics
Use AWS CodeDeploy to Implement Blue/Green Deployments for AWS Fargate and Amazon ECS
Aurora Global Database


There were a number of very interesting announcements made in the storage and database space this year. The most notable is Amazon FSx for Windows File Servers. This is like Amazone EFS but instead of supporting the NFS protocol it supports the SMB protocol. If you are running workloads on Windows systems and need to have a shared filesystem then this will be music to your ears. It is available now in several regions with others to follow soon.

Another interesting announcement was FSx for Lustre. If you are running a High Performance Computing cluster, then this one’s for you.

There is also now an additional storage tier for Glacier, Deep Archive. If you need to keep data around for a very long time that may never be accessed, e.g. for audit purposes then Deep Archive tier will help you. The cost is less than one-tenth of one cent.

No longer will you need to work out and manage your DynamoDB capacity as it will scale with you and you only pay for what you need with DynamoDB Read/Write Capacity On Demand.

Glacier Deep Archive
Amazon FSx for Windows File Servers
Amazon FSx for Lustre
DynamoDB Read/Write Capacity On Demand
Amazon Timestream
Amazon Quantum Ledger Database
Amazon Managed Blockchain


There were several interesting announcements in this space this year. The top one being AWS Outpost. This is AWS in a box. You can order this in 2 varieties, one geared towards VMWare workloads and the other towards traditional AWS services (e.g. EC2, RDS, etc). Once ordered they will be delivered to your datacentre so you can effectively have your own region. The service is expected to go live in 2019.

The other two interesting announcements are Control Tower and Security Hub. These will assist in managing your AWS accounts, setup, etc and your security posture across your entire AWS account eco-system.

AWS Control Tower
AWS Security Hub
AWS Lake Formation
AWS Outpost

Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence

AWS are putting a lot of effort into their Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions and this shows with the number of announcements this year. New Sagemaker offerings, Elastic Inference, and even their own specialised chip. But I have to say the coolest announcement was DeepRacer. A learning tool, like DeepLens, to help you learn about machine learning. This is a car that has a bunch of sensors and compute on board so you can teach it how to drive. Once you think you have enough skill you can enter the DeepRacer League and win the all time trophy at re:Invent 2019!

Amazon Elastic Inference
AWS Inferentia
Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth
AWS Marketplace for machine learning
Amazon SageMaker RL
AWS DeepRacer

Amazon Textract
Amazon Personalize
Amazon Forecast


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written by Greg Cockburn, Chief Cloud Officer. Greg is currently at the AWS re:Invent Conference in Las Vegas.

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