AWS re:Invent Updates and Highlights – The first 2 days

/AWS re:Invent Updates and Highlights – The first 2 days

re:invent 2018 AWS re:Invent 2018 is off to a good start with a lot of new and interesting announcements during the first two days. Though we can’t mention them all, here are several of the highlights that might be useful for you. We’ll go deeper into these and other announcements at our recap on Thursday, 6 December. Don’t forget to reserve your spot today!

AWS Transfer for SFTP
With this fully managed sFTP service, it is now possible to have all of your sFTP workflows updated to directly upload to S3. This means there is no more need to run your own instance, and you even have logs in CloudWatch that show you everything the users do.

S3 Intelligent Tiering
A new storage class in S3 means that you can now have your S3 contents automatically moved to a cheaper storage tier when it isn’t accessed often. After 30 days of not being used, a file will be moved to the cheaper infrequent access storage tier, immediately giving you a cost saving.

AWS Transit Gateway
The new Transit Gateway allows you to simplify your networking by acting as a single point that connects your various VPCs. This is not even limited to a single account, as you can use the recently announced Resource Access Manager to make it available to your other accounts. Unfortunately, it’s not available in Sydney right now, but it should be coming here soon.

AWS Global Accelerator
Using the Global Accelerator you get access to AWS’ own networking layer. The end result of this is that you can provide access to your applications from the various edge locations that AWS has across the world. This means a quicker turnaround for any users who don’t live in the city where the region is located and allows you to more easily deal with multi-region environments. Again though, this will be coming to Australia soon but isn’t here yet.

AWS DataSync
When you are moving your workloads into the cloud, your data is usually the part that needs the most care. With DataSync this just became a bit easier and should make that process and your entire migration a little bit easier.

New instance types
With the new C5n and A1 instance types, AWS covers both the need for those who need extreme networking performance as well as those who would just like their instances to be cheaper. The A1 instances also mean that we now have our first ARM-based instance types available.

AWS Ground Station
While this is a bit of a niche product, we can’t finish this list without at least mentioning Ground Station. Ground Station is a service for collecting data from your own satellites. While the service itself is not available in Sydney, if you have a need for this we’ll be happy to help you out!


written by Arjen Schwarz. Arjen Schwarz is an AWS Cloud Ambassador currently at the AWS re:Invent Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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