Bulletproof renews three-year contract with mortgage insurance company

/Bulletproof renews three-year contract with mortgage insurance company

Bulletproof Group Limited (ASX:BPF), a leading technology infrastructure services provider in Australia/New Zealand, has entered into a three-year contract renewal with Genworth Mortgage Insurance Australia Limited (ASX:GMA) to supply and support Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to the lenders mortgage insurer.

The Genworth partnership originated from Bulletproof’s acquisition of Infoplex in late 2015. The contract renewal means Genworth will now be able to take advantage of Bulletproof’s broader service offerings, whilst meeting strict regulatory, security and compliance requirements.

Tobin Fonseca, COO at Genworth commented on the Bulletproof contract announcement:

“For Genworth, the renewed arrangement allows us to manage costs, scale our resources up and down and maintain performance, while offering our customers the best service. We have a strong relationship with Bulletproof and enjoy working with them as an end-to-end infrastructure services provider with years of experience in IaaS, cloud services and digital transformation. This means we can explore new projects together to help speed up our product delivery and increase business agility.”

Outsourced infrastructure services such as those provided to Genworth by Bulletproof are important for financial services organisations like Genworth looking to balance innovation and cost containment with regulatory and compliance obligations to safeguard consumer information and ensure the resilience and performance of their computing needs, and serving as a stepping stone in their digital transformation journey.

Anthony Woodward, CEO of Bulletproof commented on the ongoing relationship with Genworth:

“Bulletproof is delighted to continue our longstanding relationship with Genworth Australia. We have had the pleasure of providing Genworth with IaaS services for three years now and it’s really exciting to see Genworth take full advantage of the innovations it enables.

“Bulletproof is an organisation that’s known as a disruptor and an innovator and we’re looking forward to furthering Genworth’s digital transformation in years to come,” said Anthony.

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