Corporate Governance Statement – August 2016

/Corporate Governance Statement – August 2016

Policy Statement

This statement reports on the main corporate governance practices of Bulletproof Group Limited (Bulletproof, the Company or the Group) as at 30 June 2016 and it has been approved by the Board of the Company.

It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors of the Company to monitor the business affairs of the Company and to protect the rights and interests of the shareholders. The Board believes that high standards of corporate governance are an essential prerequisite for creating sustainable value for shareholders.

This statement sets out the Company’s main corporate governance policies and practices. All these practices, unless otherwise stated, were in place for the entire year ended 30 June 2016. The policies and practices are reported against the 3rd Edition of the ASX Corporate Governance Councils Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations.

Where the Company’s compliance with the Principles and Recommendations is reflected in a separate document or policy, a reference to the location of that document or policy is included in this statement.

References in this statement to reporting period are to the financial year ended 30 June 2016 and references to the Companys website are to

Principle 1 –Lay solid foundations management and oversight

Recommendation 1.1

A listed entity should disclose:
a)the respective roles and responsibilities of its board and management; and
b)those matters expressly reserved to the board and those delegated to management.

Recommendations followed.

The Company’s Board Charter sets out (amongst other things):
a) the roles and responsibilities of the Board and of management;
b) the matters expressly reserved to the Board; and
c) the matters delegated to management.

The Board Charter can be viewed at the Company’s website.

The Audit & Risk Committee have also been referred responsibilities by the Board as set out in the Committees Charter. The Charters for the Audit & Risk Committee can be viewed at the Company’s website.

Recommendation 1.2

A listed entity should:
a) undertake appropriate checks before appointing a person, or putting forward to security holders a candidate for election, as a director; and
b) provide security holders with all material information in its possession relevant to a decision on whether or not to elect or re-elect a director.

Recommendations followed.

Prior to the appointment of a person, or putting forward to security holders a candidate for election, as a director, the Company undertakes checks which it believes are appropriate to verify a directors character, experience, education, criminal record and bankruptcy history including for new directors, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Background and reference checking
  • Requesting information in relation to the person’s current and previous positions, directorships, bankruptcy history and any potential conflicts of interest.


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