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Case Study: DFSI: Spatial Services

How Bulletproof built an event-driven cloud-native Data Lake Solution for DFSI: Spatial Services

Spatial Services, a division of the NSW Department of Finance, Service and Innovation, converts the wealth of land data it collects into a comprehensive and authoritative range of online and hard copy mapping products and services. These products and services help support a vast range of community, business, and government activity – everything from tourism and land management to electoral boundaries and bushfire control.

As the official source of land information for NSW, Spatial Services is responsible for maintaining a digital cadastral map of the State, which shows legal and other approved boundaries applying to land, as well as a digital topographic map, which includes its physical and surface features.

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“We want our data sets traceable. We need it to be as automated as we needed to continue to move away from manual processes and leverage the specialised skills and capabilities of our staff. With Bulletproof, we were able to do these in a more logical, efficient and effective way.”
– Adrian White, Program Manager – Cadastre NSW