Innovating with Azure: A look beyond migration to what’s possible on Cloud

/Innovating with Azure: A look beyond migration to what’s possible on Cloud

We examine why and how organisations can achieve real business wins on Azure

We’ve previously looked at the Cloud landscape, why organisations are increasingly looking at Azure and how it has rapidly become a significant player in the Cloud conversation. To wrap up our Azure blog series, let’s examine in a bit more detail why organisations are increasingly making Azure a focus of their business and technology strategies.

Azure coming into focus

In 2015, Microsoft announced that Cloud and mobility are two of the global trends that are driving unprecedented levels of innovation. As mentioned in our previous blog, Azure was only made available to the Australian market in late 2014 and in a relatively brief amount of time 50% of Enterprise organisations are using Azure. From that statistic alone we can see that the adoption of Azure has been rapid and widespread in the local market.

Transformation for all

While that statistic may make it seem like Azure is the domain of Enterprise organisations, the transformative and innovative potential is actually suitable for organisations regardless of size – meaning those same types of start up, disruptors and challengers that found their home on AWS, could just as easily choose Azure as their Cloud of choice. Let’s explore further why organisations are looking to Azure to enable their business transformation and what some of the projects that can be achieved look like.

  • Leveraging the agility and flexibility of Azure Cloud: Using Azure for your Cloud environment means you can utilise the scalability of Cloud resources to accommodate business demand. You can shift your IT team to focus on innovative and value-add business projects, and increase your agility to accommodate changing business demands.
  • Use Azure to be Cloud-first and build your business foundations on Azure: For many disruptor and challenger businesses, using a Public Cloud platform such as Azure can be the competitive advantage that helps them take on entrenched market leaders. For these types of businesses, they can use Azure to start, pivot or launch campaigns quickly; allocate budget to Cloud infrastructure that is cost effective; and Leverage Azure’s scalability to grow quickly and get campaigns, products, and services to market faster.
  • Get products to market faster with a DevOp culture on Azure: While DevOps is a platform-agnostic culture, it is possible to achieve the dream of releasing early and often, with confidence and quality with Azure.
  • Unlock data-driven decision making with Azure: For businesses thinking beyond migrating their traditional workloads to Cloud and thinking next generation innovation – data and analytics is often what’s in their mind. Using Azure, organisations can use specialised data warehousing; Azure Machine Learning and analytics tools to make informed long-term decisions: Where do I open my next retail store? When is my equipment likely to need a service or fail? How do I tightly target my marketing campaigns to my loyalty customers? These are the sorts of questions that organisations can both ask and seek answers to on Azure.

As we’ve discussed Azure over the course of this blog series, hopefully its position in the wider Cloud landscape has a bit more clarity for you. As with any Cloud project, there is rich potential for it to drive positive change within your business. As the Cloud market continues to mature and the competition from Cloud providers continues – organisations will continue to benefit as the driver of Cloud adoption shifts from price point to innovation. ‘What can we do with Azure?’ rather than ‘How much will Azure cost us?’ And when organisations approach Azure in that headspace, the exciting possibilities of Public Cloud become easier to achieve.

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