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Live from Dreamforce 2017

Salesforce Dreamforce 2017 ConferenceI’ve been lucky enough to attend the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco. As the world’s largest tech conference, it’s safe to say it’s more like a festival than anything else. An estimated 140k+ attendees make for one hell of a show. From Michelle Obama to Lenny Kravitz and a showcase of brand new services, the event attracts technical and business focused audiences alike. All this centred around a core theme of ohana.

“The word ‘ohana’ means family in the Hawaiian language, but in a much wider sense, to include not only one’s closer relatives, but also one’s cousins, in-laws, friends, race, and other neighbours.”

As an Englishman, this immediately gives me cause for concern, an innate reservedness about such concepts causes an involuntary shudder each time “ohana” is mentioned.

But what is it about Salesforce specifically that causes this almost religious fervour? As a CRM, it’s unsurpassable, everything in one intuitive interface. Robust enterprise grade integration through a variety of channels. A suite of cloud services, Sales, Marketing, Commerce, Service and even Government. An extensible platform as a service approach and the ability to extend out through Heroku make Salesforce a platform you could conceivably run your entire business from.

For me, having the opportunity to talk to the product experts, developers and other customers has been truly enriching. I had the opportunity to sit through a discussion with their eminent chief of data science, Dr Richard Socher, who gave an excellent presentation on Einstein and where it is genuinely applicable in real world scenarios. I am already thinking of the practical application of Einstein at Bulletproof.

The training courses through Trailhead make learning Salesforce a satisfying endeavour. It is a stroke of genius from Marc Benioff to instigate platform training through Trailhead. Other vendors would do well to follow suit. No other platform engenders the same level of loyalty as Salesforce and it’s a brave soul that mentions a competitive CRM at Dreamforce. And I think that is perhaps the reason for its success, the community that embrace Salesforce and the way Salesforce embraces the community. I just wish there was a word for that…..

By Giles Bill – Chief Information Officer at Bulletproof.

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