If IT Operations are ‘victims of software’ how do we ensure Speed AND Agility are satisfied?

/If IT Operations are ‘victims of software’ how do we ensure Speed AND Agility are satisfied?

Highlights from Day 1 at DevOps2017

DevOps2017 The day started with a panel discussion by David Bolton (Head of Engineering at Woolies X) and Sharon Robson (Head of Enterprise Agility at Tatts Group). Sharon discussed how IT Operations teams are ‘victims of software’ – receiving software from Development that they must deploy and maintain. She talked about focusing on Agile principles when making decisions and how you can’t empower your team unless they understand where they fit in the value stream. David shared a story about his time at a start-up where there was no separate Operations team, and how effective it can be when everyone works towards the same goals.

David Lochrie (Former Head of Digital Delivery, Tabcorb) discussed the steps he recommends to re-define your organisation for DevOps adoption. Organisations choose DevOps and Agile because of Speed – they want to stay competitive by delivering functionality to customers. But you can’t deliver that functionality without stable software in production. When you have one team focused on speed and another on stability, conflict occurs. Developers need to collaborate with IT Operations to ensure both Speed AND Stability are satisfied. He discussed Conway’s Law and the importance of your organisational structure in the development of software, reviewing how to reduce middle management (using a Spotify model) to ensure teams are empowered.

Mike Berry (Velocity Engineering Lead, ANZ) talked about how to use data (from tools such as Splunk) to measure the impact of DevOps issues to get buy-in to solve those problems.

Steve Rogers (Software Development Director at Viator Trip Advisor) and Juan Moriano (Principal Engineer) have made their software developers responsible for releases. They approve sign off from QA and push to production. They discussed how they measured cycle time to ensure outcomes were delivered.

Lorraine Pauls Longhurst is an Agile/DevOps Practice Lead at Bulletproof Group Limited 

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