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Make sure an outage doesn’t mean you’re down and out.

Enjoy simple and seamless Disaster Recovery with Bulletproof.

A severe and extended outage could put you out of business and damage your reputation. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst with industry-leading DR capabilities.

DR means you’ll stay online in the event of a catastrophe – whether it’s meteorological, a data centre disaster, an infrastructure disaster or an application disaster. You’ll enjoy peace of mind with our flexible and affordable approach.

What can beat being Bulletproof?

Get online and stay there with Bulletproof Private Cloud.

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Rapid Disaster Recovery

  • Best practice DR plan – Designed, implemented and maintained by your Private Cloud experts at Bulletproof
  • Your Plan B – we will host replicas of your data, O/S, applications, databases, network configurations
  • Deploy with speed – If disaster strikes, your replicas will activate according to your DR plan
  • Business as usual – Once your primary site is in a state of readiness again, we’ll help you fail back easily
  • Put to the test – Regular DR exercises means you’ll be ready to roll

Pick the Disaster Recovery service that suits your needs

 Have mission critical applications? You need the best in the business.

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