Bulletproof Private Cloud

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The right-fit solution that provides the security and control of Private Cloud, with the flexibility of Public Cloud

Bulletproof Private Cloud provides a secure, scalable and ISO 27001 compliant environment, trusted by ASX-listed financial institutions. Built to your specific requirements, backed by world-class Bulletproof Support.

Why Bulletproof Private Cloud?

Bulletproof Private Cloud is built to your specific business and technical requirements, regardless of complexity or integration points. We’ll guide you along your journey, whether you’re looking at a data centre migration, searching for a more robust solution or kick-starting your multi-cloud strategy – we can help!

Right-fit Private Cloud

  • Purpose built to your technical and business requirements
  • Control of Private Cloud with the flexibility of Public Cloud
  • Performance optimised
  • Elasticity with resource pool management

Security & Compliance

  • ISO 27001 certified
  • Built with security and compliance guidelines in mind: APRA, ISO, HIPAA
  • Purpose built security and compliance layer to meet your specific business and regulatory requirements
  • Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) security cleared staff

Future-Proof Private Cloud

  • Direct connectivity into AWS and Azure
  • Built for scalability and future growth
  • Perfect as a stepping stone into Public Cloud, and other innovation and integration points

End-to-end Cloud Service

End-to-end cloud service

  • Backed and built by Bulletproof – with 17+ years of experience
  • 24/7 Bulletproof Support
  • Access to suite of Bulletproof’s end-to-end cloud services for continued strategic growth and improvements.

Bulletproof Private Cloud is perfect for organisations….

House sensitive info

Housing sensitive intelligence and data

Migrating from existing data centre

Needing to migrate from an existing data centre

Strict Regulatory requirements

With strict regulatory and security requirements

Legacy systems

With legacy systems looking to leverage cloud

Hybrid approach

Looking to adopt a Hybrid approach

Mission Critical workloads

Who want to keep control of their mission critical workloads

Bulletproof Private Cloud Service Options

Bulletproof Private Cloud is available in three service levels: Dedicated, Elastic and Bare Metal, providing you with the flexibility to build and manage the environment for your specific needs.

  • Dedicated: A dedicated cluster of physical hosts and dedicated storage, presented to you as virtual data centre (VDC) resources
  • Elastic: A scalable, high performance virtual compute platform with predictable monthly billing delivered as a flexible combination of vCPU, memory and storage
  • Bare Metal: Dedicated, non-virtualised hosts that provide both physical isolation and 100% bare metal performance for your choice of operating system

Bulletproof Private Cloud Support Options

Choose between Dedicated Bulletproof Support for proactive 24/7 monitoring, maintenance and support of your environment, or OnCall for ad-hoc support on a pay as you go plan or unforeseen emergencies.

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