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Back-up from the brink.

We’ll house your sensitive intelligence and data, meaning you’ll always have a Plan B (and C).

The best Private Cloud solution demands the best backups. Our Data Protection Services ensure you’re back up and running as quickly as possible.

Simple, automated and secure data protection. Lean on our state of the art disk-based retention for up to 12 months, enjoy centralised control, rapid recovery and granular visibility.

The centrepiece of disaster recovery and IT operations is a Bulletproof backup plan.

You need backup? You need Bulletproof.

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Rapid. Scalable. Affordable. Bulletproof.

Backup as a service

Why do you need Bulletproof’s data protection services? Here’s why…

Data resiliency Data resiliency

Your offsite data protection starts in the best place: with data replication to remote facilities. Highly available, replicated across multiple data centres and ready when you need it.

Data integrityData integrity designs

There’s no room for error when it comes to your data. Enjoy data vertification and consistency checks – from the time data is read until it ages out. This means no errors, no corruption and no drama.

RTO-based service levelsRPO & RTO-based service levels

We manage backups of your existing files, applications and databases according to service level backed recovery targets. This reduces business risk and frees up your time to work towards your strategic goals.

centralised control and reportingCentralised control and reporting

Access and manage all backups from your web browser. Create, schedule ad-hoc backups, initiate restores and view reports on the status of backup operations.

locally storedLocally stored data

You deserve to know where your data is at all times. Enjoy the peace of mind from having your data retained in Australian facilities and governed by Australian laws and regulations.


It’s only fair to pay for what you use. Scale up or down at short notice to meet your organisation’s changing needs.

Need something else?

We provide complementary services to wrap around our Data Protection Services.

  • Cloud Compute Services
  • Physical Services
  • Managed Firewalls & Security
  • Internet & Carriage

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