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Bulletproof Webinars and Videos

Check out our Recorded Webinars and Videos for the latest innovations in Cloud technology.

How Containerisation can unlock the Power of IaaS

Greg Cockburn, Bulletproof Chief Cloud Officer, in a webinar with Rahul Dutta of Service NSW and Briant Kareroa of AC3

Over the past decade, we have seen constant application development not being matched by advancements made in IT infrastructure, resulting in monolithic platforms locked into two or three tiers, reducing the benefit from cost and flexibility found in IaaS.  So how can you increase application development without being held back by monolithic platforms?

“Serverless” development, where individual functions are deployed as micro-services, take advantage of the flexibility of IaaS. With many cloud platforms like Facebook and Google apps that are architected serverless from the start, this is the future of app development.

Containerisation is a practical and realistic way for organisations to begin their transformation towards serverless applications. Deployable on, private, public and hybrid clouds, containerisation allows apps to be deployed and run independent of underlying platform configuration.

Bulletproof @ This is My Architecture

This Is My Architecture: Bulletproof talks about slaying the monolith one API service at a time

Knowing where to start with decomposing monolithic applications isn’t always so obvious. Watch this episode of This is my Architecture and learn how we re-architected the Invenco distributed payments system using SQS, Lambda and Elastic Beanstalk to service more than 1 million end users each day.

Bulletproof’s presentation with DELWP at the AWS Summit Sydney 2017

Bulletproof’s presentation with DELWP at the AWS Summit Sydney 2017

In the last 10 years, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) has procured half a petabyte of aerial photography, satellite imagery, and point cloud data worth more than $45million. In addition, a range of raster products critical to the delivery of services are produced continuously. DELWP’s raster data needs is expected to grow overtime and an enterprise system to manage, publish and enable discovery and analysis of this growing catalogue is essential.

Find out how DELWP is implementing pioneering data science strategies to successfully integrate disparate systems and data silos, reduce risks and increase compliance, and support a rapid pace of innovation to improve DELWP’s services to the Victorian public.

Bulletproof & AWS DevOps Webinar – 2017

Winning Early and Often: How to Bridge the Gap Between DevOps Expectations and Reality

Organisations embarking on their DevOps & Agile journey want to see results quickly. This puts IT teams under pressure to deliver against objectives as fast as possible – the truth is that there is a gap between expectations and making it a reality.

This webinar is geared towards helping technical decision makers set expectations for their Agile strategy upwards, while providing practical tips for success using AWS.

Join us for a Bulletproof and AWS webinar and gain key takeaways including:

  • Setting expectations around DevOps strategy
  • Lift and shift considerations for migrating apps to the Cloud in AWS
  • Leveraging AWS services to redesign applications for the Cloud
  • Decoupling applications using microservices and AWS

Innovation in Azure

Azure Integration Services

Giles Bill, CIO at Bulletproof discusses the principal Azure Integration services and where they might fit in a “next generation” architecture. Beginning and demonstrating a working example using fictitious “Company X”.

Open-source innovation with Microsoft Azure

Open-source innovation with Microsoft Azure

Are you struggling to get support from your team because they feel that Azure doesn’t provide enough support for Open-source? Do you work on a Linux workstation/laptop or on macOS/OS X, or are you really hard core and use FreeBSD? If you use one of these *NIX type environments how do you get started on the Azure cloud? The good news is that Microsoft LOVES Linux and Open-source. Let’s take a look at using open source with Microsoft Azure in a bit more detail.

Microsoft Azure Analytics & Machine Learning

Microsoft Azure Analytics & Machine Learning

For every day that passes, more devices come online, more applications are deployed and more data sources are spun up. There has never been a time in our history when data is so freely available, so widely used, so varied, so fast and so damn big.

To handle growth and remain competitive, businesses need to change focus, to become adaptive and to become data-driven. At these scales the only way to do that is through machine learning leveraging scalable data processing technologies.

Bulletproof + AWS Summit Wrap-up Webinar – 2016

In this webinar we highlight the key takeaways from AWS Summit, as well as examine the ‘5 Cloud Insights’ AWS have chosen as game-changers in the Cloud space.

Using real customer engagements, our presenters discuss how different clients are using AWS Cloud technology to innovate and disrupt their industry.

Eureka Report – Kohler Uncovers: Bulletproof

May 2014

Alan Kohler is one of Australia’s most experienced business commentators. Alan has been a trusted source of investment advice to Australians for many years, and in 2005 he founded Eureka Report – Australia’s #1 online investment report.

Alan Kohler speaks to Bulletproof CEO Anthony Woodward about the group’s recent acquisition and financial results.’

EY 2014 Nominee – Anthony Woodward

September 2014

Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 nominee and Bulletproof (ASX:BPF) CEO, Anthony Woodward, provides an introduction of Bulletproof, Australia’s leading managed Cloud services provider, as part of being nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year 2014.

Sky News’ Technology Behind Business: Bulletproof

November 2013

Nigel Freitas interviews Bulletproof’s CEO, Anthony Woodward, on Sky News’ Technology Behind Business, Nigel and Anthony discuss Bulletproof’s growth, upcoming ASX listing and trends in cloud computing.