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UBank Case Study

How Bulletproof is Enabling UBank’s Digital Journey

UBank, an award-winning Australian digital bank, shares details about the success of its organisation, how having a start-up culture has allowed them to transform their business, and how Bulletproof is enabling its digital journey.

What was UBank able to achieve in 10 weeks?

Within the space of the first 10 weeks, UBank has realised some significant changes. In turn laying down the groundwork for bigger and better things on the horizon.

UBank has experienced the following successes:


Gaining full transparency across UBank, gains buy-in on how features are going to be built and when they will be pushed out to customers.

This builds on the confidence of key stakeholders within UBank, empowers the four teams responsible and enables clear forecasting and communication to rest of the business.

Productivity increased by 200%

Developers increased the quantity of development work from five to 10 days in any three week period.

Delivery cycles reduced from six weeks to three weeks

Delivery cycles reduced to three weeks: an enhanced agile culture has reduced delivery cycles from six weeks down to just three weeks.

Increased collaboration and innovation

UBank’s cross-functional product teams are now empowered with the tools to work more effectively together, increasing collaboration and innovation.

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