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Crownbet Logo Case Study: CrownBet

CrownBet is one of the fastest growing online bookmakers in Australia, and is the only Australian-owned online bookmaker of significant scale operating in the sector. CrownBet has the most diverse product range in the marketplace, as well as cutting-edge mobile apps for racing and sports betting.

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What did Crownbet do historically?

Established as a start-up in 2014, CrownBet’s (formerly BetEasy) founders set out to build Australia’s leading bookmaking company, dedicated to providing its customers with superior customer service, great odds and fantastic promotions and products.

What were they ideally looking for?

As part of building the CrownBet business, two hosting options were considered: an internally managed data centre and outsourced managed Cloud services.

Being an online business, it is absolutely mission critical for the website to be highly available and online 100% of the time – 24/7, 365 days a year. Scalability and optimised performance were also key requirements.

In comparing the two hosting options, CrownBet looked at Capex vs. Opex, ROI, hiring, internal skill sets, training requirements, and the ability to service business objectives.

They also took into consideration the seasonal nature of the business. Whilst an internally managed environment would provide direct access and control, scalability was an issue. CrownBet would have to purchase all the technology upfront to cater for the high season. This meant the business would use less than 20% of its full infrastructure capacity during the rest of the year.

“Bulletproof was fundamental to the success of our campaign for Melbourne Cup. Traffic spiked 15x higher than normal traffic, and we stayed 100% online and available for our customers.” 
Gus D’Onofrio, Chief Technology Officer

What did Bulletproof provide?

Crownbet MobileBulletproof worked with the CrownBet technical team to design and deploy a Hybrid environment between AWS and a dedicated private farm.

The hybrid environment allows CrownBet to meet compliance and regulatory requirements pertaining to customer data, and take advantage of Cloud technology for high availability, performance, security and scalability.

Bulletproof works with CrownBet’s software developers to manage two environments: Digital – website and mobile apps, and its staff desktop client and API.

In addition to architecting, deploying and supporting their CrownBet hybrid environment. Bulletproof also built an automation tool that allows developers to easily spin-up and spin-down fully provisioned environments, ready for UAT, load-testing, integration, development and staging – supporting agile development and a DevOps culture.

What has been CrownBet’s experience so far?

Calculated ROI & cost savings of up to $2.7m over 3 years

Selecting Bulletproof to provide full Cloud management, monitoring and support has allowed CrownBet to realise a calculated cost saving of up to $2.7m over 3 years.

Depth within internal teams

Partnering with Bulletproof allows CrownBet to build depth internally to focus on industry specific functions.

Advantage through innovation

CrownBet are always ahead of the game. With Bulletproof working in parallel, the infrastructure never needs to wait for the product and vice versa – facilitating DevOps.

Ability to scale to over 1000% of normal site demand.

During the biggest sporting event of the year – the Melbourne Cup, CrownBet were able to scale and easily cater for over 1000% or 15x of normal traffic.

Trusted Cloud Services partner

Bulletproof is an extension of the CrownBet technical team – a trusted partner for their Cloud strategy.

100% uptime during key events

In addition to regular 99.995% SLAs and support, CrownBet have access to our on-the-ground technical team to ensure 100% uptime during major events.

“It’s a delicate balance between managing your infrastructure in house or using a cloud services partner. You have to trust that the partner can do their job, because you’re essentially going from 100% internally managed, to an ideal fully managed environment – allowing you concentrate on business specific activities and stay ahead of the game.”

Not only has Bulletproof demonstrated that they can do the job, they go above and beyond, and have the technical expertise to back up their position as leaders in the industry. They have proven their commitment as our partners, and we can rely on them for our most mission critical events – in turn, providing the best experience possible for our customers. They are fundamental to our innovation and business strategy. We love having Bulletproof as our trusted partner!”
Gus D’Onofrio, Chief Technology Officer

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