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Fred Schebesta - experience in working with Bulletproof

Interview with  Fred Schebesta, Director and co-founder of

“When Frank Restuccia and I founded in 2006, it was hosted with consumer level providers. At the best of times this was okay, but slowly our traffic grew and we started gaining traction quickly – to the point where we now have over 1.2 million visitors per month. That’s when our consumer level products started leading to frequent website crashes and other errors – spelling massive collateral damage for the company. While we were taking those baby steps we weren’t very site savvy, and when business started snowballing we realised we needed to back our team up with the big guns.”

Delayed Collateral: The catalyst for connecting with Bulletproof

“Being a solely online company, we needed quick response to any technical issues we faced – if we lost our website we had nothing. And with continually increasing coverage my team and I decided it was time to get real: stop the crashes, lose the downtime. Something Bulletproof understood was the delayed collateral of our site going down – not only would people be unable to access the site, but the longer the site was broken the less likely people would ever return. Think about it, why go to a site you know won’t work?” homepageBulletproof’s solution: Balance Load Transfers coupled with exceptional service

“There was one problem with the way our site at had been structured: through a single server. This was a agging issue for our tech team, but together with Bulletproof we
worked through the specifics until we had load balanced our traffic through three servers. Constant phone service and thousands of emails later, we came out the other end of the ordeal, supported all the way by your response team.”

“That was one of the first significant changes we made together. We had known this would become a problem for a while, but when the time came Bulletproof were onto it – spreading out the server tensions lead to drastically improve response times and overall user experience, which was exactly what we needed.”
“Another issue we had experienced with previous service providers was complacency – they could be counted on provided you sent numerous emails and make masses of phone calls, but overall they assumed your site was fine. This is where Bulletproof made a massive difference to how effective our site was for both users and us, and how the two used websites differently. On the odd occasion when critical errors occurred, Bulletproof provided constant phone assistance – simultaneously working through the problem from their end. That was crazy. They were on
speakerphone with us as we were both typing through the problem. We were there for hours but they pushed through and eventually we both came out on top.”


“The first question we ask when choosing to work with another company is ‘whose side are they on?’ We only want to work with people who are willing to share our goals and responsibilities with us, something Bulletproof has continued to do to 110 percent of their potential. The best part about working with the solid team at Bulletproof was receiving an email about an error, only to receive another in the next few minutes telling us not to worry, it had been resolved. In the simplest terms, they’re essential to our team and they’ll continue to be.”

Fred Schebesta, Director and cofounder

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