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moshtix Logo Case Study: How Bulletproof became moshtix’s cloud partner

moshtix is Australia’s leading independent ticketing provider specialising in live music and entertainment events. Launched in 2003, moshtix uses industry-leading technology to provide a seamless ticket buying experience for iconic festivals and major events.

 Mission critical events and promotions website, managed and supported by Bulletproof.

moshtix websiteThe Background and Challenge

As a former subsidiary of major media conglomerate News Corp, moshtix has for the past decade hosted its website and core infrastructure on News’ internal servers. When moshtix became independent in 2013, the events and ticket sales company were required to find a new hosting company.

The Requirement

The team at moshtix had ambitious plans for the leading website, and needed the technology and support to make it happen. Because they had previously relied on News Corp skills and resources, they needed a partner that would essentially become an extension of their team. The company decided early on to transition to a cloud computing environment to take advantage of its scalability, cost-effectiveness and reliability, and chose to use AWS.

After a thorough tender process, moshtix selected Bulletproof as its cloud partner, for its responsiveness and industry-leading reputation dealing with the technical and complex aspects of cloud computing.

The Bulletproof team were also able to demonstrate their in depth understanding of the AWS technology at every engagement level, from commercial to more technical discussions.

“Bulletproof did a great job in architecting a solution that was very cost effective and met our requirements.”

Lachlan Yates
Development Manager

The Solution

Over four weeks in 2014, moshtix transitioned from News Corp to Amazon Web Services in an environment architected and configured by Bulletproof. This included all of moshtix’s core infrastructure including its public website and a custom .NET environment that allows moshtix customers to buy tickets and its clients to manage event ticketing and information. The environment is now set up to cater for moshtix’s busy summer period of festivals and concerts. As well as the main website, other key features of the environment, supported and managed on AWS by Bulletproof include their: moshScan apps – a free Android or iPhone app for event organisers to scan tickets, quickly, securely and easily.

Client Control Room – a personalised portal for event organisers to manage their events, sales and learn about their customers. moshMailer – an email campaign services provided by moshtix to their event organisers. moshMailer runs on AWS’ Simple Email Service (SES).

Scalability to manage 10x to 100x more traffic

moshtix can confidently manage brief, high-intensity periods of website traffic when tickets for a major event or concert go on sale.

23.66% faster load times

Best-practice design by Bulletproof on AWS, has meant significantly reduced webpage load times for moshtix.

Access to 24/7 support

From day-to-day monitoring and support, to recovery and redundancy and Cloud strategies, moshtix have a trusted partner and AWS expert to count on.

Service excellence for over 1200 event organisers

Event organisers that partner with moshtix have access to features and services that they can rely on to be online and supported.

Trusted Cloud partners

The moshtix development team has access to Cloud experts to support innovation and initiatives.

Designed for 100% uptime

The moshtix environment is designed for 100% uptime making full use of AWS’ high availability, auto-healing and redundancy services – architected by Bulletproof.

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“We looked at a number of providers but Bulletproof had the greatest reputation in the market and the ability to meet the requirements of support we needed. The cloud solution we put together with Bulletproof and Amazon is significantly more cost effective than the traditional hosting options that we looked at.”

The Future

The moshtix development team can now continuously deploy their application updates, easily and quickly. They also have access to Bulletproof’s AWS and Cloud experts to ensure best-practice guidelines are followed for developing in the Cloud. This in turn will fuel greater innovation and help moshtix strengthen its position as a market leader.

Bulletproof is proud to be moshtix’s cloud partner.

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