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Network TEN logo Case Study: How Bulletproof became the Network TEN hosting provider and trusted cloud partner

Network Ten (ASX:TEN) is one of Australia’s leading entertainment and news content companies. Network Ten includes three free-to-air television channels – TEN, ELEVEN and ONE, plus the digital platform TENplay. TEN is the home of award-winning programs which include: MasterChef Australia, The Project, Offspring and TEN Eyewitness News.

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The Background and Challenge for Network TEN

Prior to 2012, Network Ten deployed its applications and digital content through dedicated physical servers, managed by a third-party hosting provider. As consumer demand for digital content grew, TEN quickly realised that they needed to look at Cloud to provide the flexibility and robustness necessary to service the diverse ways of consuming digital content.

The Requirements for a Network TEN Hosting Provider

In 2012, TEN developed a digital strategy that would revolutionise the way its viewers experienced and accessed digital content. As a result, TEN initiated a tender process with the aim of upgrading to a new CMS and Cloud hosting provider.
TEN was clear that they needed the Cloud solution to be robust, flexible and scalable.

At the same time, the company sought more transparency in its hosting costs and were looking for an experienced partner to support and provide Cloud expertise to their internal technical and digital teams. The proximity of the data-centre and managed service provider was also a key requirement, as TEN wanted a strategic Cloud partner that was available and accessible.

Why Bulletproof was chosen

Bulletproof was selected for its reputation and ability to meet all key requirements. The company’s experience in deploying Sitecore environments also strengthened its position because TEN had separately selected Sitecore as their preferred CMS. In early 2013, Bulletproof helped TEN lift and shift its website and online systems to a private Cloud environment on VMWare. This enabled TEN to host its website, application services, mobile, IPTV and membership data, securely and effectively.

In addition, Bulletproof was responsible for designing and deploying the Sitecore and application Cloud environments for high availability, performance, security and scalability; and providing 24/7 proactive support.

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The benefits of the new partnership

Increased performance during key television events

Performance optimisation tuning allowed TEN to reduce and maintain page load times during high load events such as the Commonwealth games and the Masterchef finale, which combined to provide one of the highest peaks in traffic TEN has delivered.

Scalability to manage up to 300% more work loads

TEN were able to manage peak and off peak workloads. Page views increased by 300% during the Commonwealth games period.

Effective digital content delivery

TEN has the ability to provide users with a seamless user experience even during peak traffic levels.

Cost-savings and flexibility

Moving to the Cloud has allowed TEN to scale for demand and pay only for the resources that are being used.

Layer of security & support

Bulletproof provides TEN with an additional layer of security, performance optimisation, support and integration including WAF and DDos protection.

Designed for 100% uptime

Both and the application service layer are designed for 100% uptime. Alerts, 24/7 monitoring and support reduces the risk of potential issues.

“Bulletproof is our trusted Cloud expert. We can rely on them to proactively support and manage our digital environments, so we can focus on the viewer experience.

Bulletproof is vital to the success of our Sitecore deployment and digital strategy. We regularly run high demand campaigns and rely on the proactive support and robust Cloud architecture provided by Bulletproof. They always go above and beyond. They are not just a hosting supplier, they are a Cloud partner.”

Domenic Romeo – Head of Development
Network TEN

The Future for Bulletproof and Network TEN

TEN continue to innovate and deploy new strategies to offer better services and experiences for their viewers and partners. Through their partnership with Bulletproof, TEN’s technical teams have access to Cloud and hybrid Cloud best practice advice to ensure projects are developed and architected for future plans and growth.

Bulletproof is proud to be the Network TEN hosting provider, and are keen to see how this partnership progresses in the future.

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