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Case Study: NostraData

NostraData is a specialist data and insights organisation, based in Victoria. Providing services primarily to the pharmaceutical and lifestyle markets, NostraData believes that strategic insights and subsequent success are gained through the right information in the hands of the right people. Part of their value proposition is the ability to their scale to deliver technology usually reserved for Top 100 companies, to any business of any size. NostraData’s goal is to help their customers use their existing data to get closer to their customers. Michael Yates, DevOps Manager at NostraData tells us how Bulletproof helped them achieve that goal.

The Challenge

Being the experts in providing insights to other organisation’s data meant that NostraData had to manage database upon database upon database, while providing the highest level of customer experience. Michael specifically called out the challenge to “introduce stability to our service and enable growth. We wanted to partner with someone that had domain expertise to help us really deliver results back to the business and our customers. We operate a DevOps model on AWS public cloud and needed a partner who could work with us to assist in managing our infrastructure, while also augmenting our own engineering workforce, helping us to clear our development backlog and deliver features faster.”

The Solution

The first step was for Bulletproof to get a deep understanding of the NostraData business and team. “They took the time to understand our needs which made all the difference” said Michael. Next, Bulletproof built out their product on their existing public cloud environment, readying it for a migration to AWS. The migration to AWS also included Bulletproof’s managed services and as a managed services customer, NostraData immediately accessed Bulletproof’s world class support and cost optimisation services. This included ongoing monitoring and management of their entire AWS environment, cost analysis, optimisation and instance rightsizing.

Michael said “as our business grows, the cost of running appropriate hardware, networks and applications only ever seems to increase, however the transparency in the way our account is managed means that we avoid financial shocks and Bulletproof always look to optimise our existing resources to reduce cost”.

The Results

“Not only did we achieve the stability we were looking for, but we are now delivering features faster than ever. Bulletproof’s willingness to support us when it comes to troubleshooting any issues has helped us to narrow down to root cause faster, and we can then find and implement solutions faster. This has positively impacted our customer experience. I think it’s safe to say that beyond ticking all the boxes to ensure our environment is stable, up and running, Bulletproof’s breadth and depth of knowledge in key areas allows our teams to focus on delivering business value for our own clients.”

Michael Yates
DevOps Manager, NostraData

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