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The Treasury is the Australian Government Department and central policy agency responsible for anticipating and analysing policy issues with a whole-of-economy perspective. A key function of The Treasury is to deliver and present the annual Australian Federal Government Budget.

The Treasury Budget_websiteWhat did The Treasury do historically?

Prior to 2012, the website was managed internally in partnership with other government agencies and departments. Updates to the site were manual, requiring considerable effort to co-ordinate and apply modifications to all partners throughout the night.

What lead to the call for change?

Budget night is a critical event for The Treasury team. On the eve of Budget night, staff are required to stay late to manually collect and update information. Prior to the new solution, the site would experience an outage 30 minutes before the Treasurer’s official speech at 7.30pm, due to the sheer volume of public interest.

The entire experience created a high pressure and stressful 48 hours for the team, adding to the strain of the 5 day lead up.

The team needed a more robust and reliable solution, and they needed a trusted cloud partner.

What were they ideally looking for?

They wanted a credible cloud partner to provide a robust solution which was scalable, cost-effective and ‘just-worked.’

This meant a fully managed environment which provided teams with the freedom to focus on business critical operations vs. hosting, maintenance and management.

“We are now more agile, innovative and effective with Bulletproof on-hand. The world-class support that we receive, means we can rest-assured that our environment is always online and available.” 

Michael Tran, Platform Specialist (Web)
The Treasury

What did Bulletproof provide?

Bulletproof supplied The Treasury with a VMware solution, designed to best-practice for high availability,
performance, scalability and security – complete with the key attributes in mind:

  • Reverse Proxy – Improved performance & spike management
  • Automation – Reduced manual input and errors
  • Mirroring – No more downtime for maintenance and changes
  • DR, HA & redundancy – For a fault tolerant environment

What has been The Treasury’s experience so far?

Scalability to manage a 12,000% spike in traffic

With the new solution in place, The Treasury can now confidently and easily manage a 12,000% increase over normal site traffic, during Budget night.

Enhanced user experience

The ability to satisfy all user requests while maintaining maximum performance and enhanced user experience.

Ability to service 265% more requests in 2012

Traffic throughput has increased from 146 Mbps in 2012 to 245 Mbps in 2015. The new solution allows The Treasury to grow without the need to change services.

No operational disruptions – only 1% load on parent web server

Before the new solution, the demand on would cause the site and other corporate services to be slow or unresponsive – this is no longer the case.

100% uptime on Budget Night

Over the last four years, The Treasury has been able to achieve 100% uptime on Budget Night.

Reduction in dedicated hours and the capacity to do more

With CIO confidence gained, The Treasury no long require 2-3 onsite personnel across an average of 3 agencies for
network communications, mirroring and preparation time.

The Treasury - 2012 - 2015 Bandwith chart_with datacentre data

“Partnering with the Bulletproof team has changed the way our team works. Now that we’re no longer tied down with maintenance, we can focus on strategic initiatives and being a pioneering government department. Bulletproof keep pushing us forward. The Bulletproof team are ‘open-source’ minded, meaning the advice and solutions that they provided are not restricted to just what’s out-of-the-box, which is unique.”

Gordon Williamson, Senior Web Developer
The Treasury

What’s in store for the future?

The Treasury team is now moving from cloud maintenance to cloud innovation. With the increased capacity to innovate and do
more internally, The Treasury has been able to roll out an iOS app and hope to develop and introduce a SaaS based
environment to other departments – which will help to reduce overall costs and improve operational efficiency.

Bulletproof is proud to be the Treasury’s chosen cloud partner. Click here for more information on 

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